Brass Pinion Rods Tooling List

Material: 360 Free cutting brass, AGMA Quality 4 Specifications: Cold Drawn Brass Pinion Rods Tooling List

Standard Brass Pinion Rods Tooling List, additional Brass Pinion Rods sizes available on request


Brass Pinion Rods – Standard sizes.  We can make our own tooling.   Additional sizes, custom sizes available upon request.


Brass Pinion Rods
Material: 360 Free cutting brass, AGMA Quality 4

Specifications: Cold Drawn

  9T 20P 200.450.5510T 22P 14½0.4550.545
  6T 24P 14½0.250.333  6T 24P 200.250.333
  7T 24P 14½0.2920.375  8T 24P 14½0.3330.417
  8T 24P 200.3330.417  9T 24P 14½0.3750.458
  9T 24P 200.3750.45810T 24P 14½0.4170.5
10T 24P 200.4170.512T 24P 14½0.50.583
12T 24P 200.50.58314T 24P 14½0.5830.667
14T 24P 200.5830.66715T 24P 14½0.6250.708
15T 24P 200.6250.70816T 24P 14½0.6670.75
16T 24P 200.6670.7518T 24P 14½0.750.833
18T 24P 200.750.833   
10T 26P 200.3850.462  8T 28P 14½0.2860.357
10T 30P 14½0.3330.412T 30P 14½0.40.467
  6T 32P 14½0.1880.25  6T 32P 200.1880.25
  8T 32P 14½0.250.313  8T 32P 200.250.313
  9T 32P 14½0.2810.344  9T 32P 200.2810.344
10T 32P 14½0.3130.37510T 32P 200.3130.375
11T 32P 14½0.3440.40611T 32P 200.3440.406
12T 32P 14½0.3750.43812T 32P 200.3750.438
12T 32P 250.3750.43814T 32P 14½0.438500
14T 32P 200.4380.515T 32P 14½0.4690.531
15T 32P 200.4690.53116T 32P 14½0.50.563
16T 32P 200.50.56318T 32P 14½0.5630.625
18T 32P 200.5630.62520T 32P 200.6250.688
22T 32P 14½0.6880.7522T 32P 200.6880.75
24T 32P 14½0.750.81324T 32P 200.750.813
15T 36P 14½0.4170.472   
12T 40P 14½0.30.3512T 40P 250.30.35
15T 40P 14½0.3750.42517T 40P 14½0.4250.475
18T 40P 14½0.450.518T 40P 200.450.5
24T 40P 14½0.60.6524T 40P 200.60.65
25T 40P 14½0.6250.67526T 40P 14½0.650.7
28T 40P 14½0.70.7528T 40P Pulley Stock 0.70.75
19T 42P 14½0.4520.527T 42P 14½0.6430.69
30T 42P 14½0.7140.76214T 46P 14½ 0.3040.348
  8T 48P 14½0.1670.208  8T 48P 200.1670.208
  9T 48P 14½0.1880.229  9T 48P 200.1880.229
10T 48P 14½0.2080.2510T 48P 200.2080.25
11T 48P 14½0.2290.27111T 48P 200.2290.271
12T 48P 14½0.250.29212T 48P 200.250.292
13T 48P 14½0.2710.31313T 48P 200.2710.313
14T 48P 14½0.2920.33314T 48P 200.2920.333
15T 48P 14½0.3130.35415T 48P 200.3130.354
16T 48P 14½0.3330.37516T 48P 200.3330.375
17T 48P 14½0.3540.39617T 48P 200.3540.396
18T 48P 14½0.3750.41718T 48P 200.3750.417
19T 48P 14½0.3960.43820T 48P 14½0.4170.458
20T 48P 200.4170.45822T 48P 14½0.4580.5
22T 48P 200.4580.524T 48P 14½0.50.542
24T 48P 200.50.54225T 48P 14½0.5210.563
25T 48P 200.5210.56326T 48P 14½0.5420.583
26T 48P 200.5420.58327T 48P 200.5630.604
28T 48P 14½0.5830.62528T 48P 200.5830.625
30T 48P 14½0.6250.66730T 48P 200.6250.667
32T 48P 14½0.6670.70832T 48P 200.6670.708
33T 48P 14½0.6880.72933T 48P 200.6880.729
34T 48P 14½0.7080.7534T 48P 200.7080.75
36T 48P 14½0.750.79236T 48P 200.750.792
38T 48P 200.7920.83340T 48P 14½0.8330.875
40T 48P 200.8330.875   
10T 50P 200.20.2412T 50P 14½0.240.28
15T 50P 200.30.33518T 54P 14½0.3330.37
10T 56P 14½0.1790.21412T 56P 14½0.2140.25
13T 56P 14½0.2320.26814T 56P 14½0.250.286
20T 56P 14½0.3570.39328T 56P 14½0.50.536
36T 56P 14½0.6430.67939T 56P 14½0.6960.732
40T 56P 14½0.7140.75   
  8T 60P 200.1330.16711T 60P 200.1830.217
12T 60P 14½0.20.23317T 60P 14½0.2830.317
20T 60P 14½0.3330.36721T 60P 14½0.350.383
28T 60P 14½0.4670.542T 60P 14½0.70.733
45T 60P 200.750.783   
  8T 64P 200.1250.15610T 64P 14½0.1560.188
10T 64P 200.1560.18812T 64P 14½0.1880.219
12T 64P 200.1880.21913T 64P 14½0.2030.234
14T 64P 200.2190.2515T 64P 14½0.2340.266
15T 64P 200.2340.26616T 64P 14½0.250.281
16T 64P 200.250.28118T 64P 200.2810.313
20T 64P 14½0.3130.34420T 64P 200.3130.344
21T 64P 14½0.3280.521T 64P 200.3280.259
24T 64P 200.3750.40627T 64P 200.4220.453
28T 64P 200.4380.46930T 64P 14½0.4690.5
30T 64P 200.4690.532T 64P 200.50.531
34T 64P 200.5310.56335T 64P 200.5470.578
36T 64P 14½0.5630.59436T 64P 200.5630.594
40T 64P 200.6250.65648T 60P 200.750.781
13T 68P 200.1910.221   
10T 72P 14½0.1390.16716T 72P 200.2220.25
10T 73P 200.1370.16412T 73P 200.1640.192
14T 73P 200.1920.21916T 73P 200.2190.247
18T 73P 200.2470.27420T 73P 200.2740.301
22T 73P 200.3010.32927T 73P 200.370.397
12T 75P 200.160.18718T 75P 200.240.267
24T 75P 200.320.347   
16T 80P 14½0.1880.21318T 80P 14½0.2250.25
20T 80P 14½0.250.27524T 80P 14½0.30.325
25T 80P 14½0.3130.33827T 80P 14½0.3380.363
28T 80P 14½0.350.37530T 80P 14½0.3750.4
33T 80P 14½0.4130.43836T 80P 14½0.450.475
  8T .8mm 206.4812T .8mm 209.611.2
16T .88mm 2012.814.4   

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